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Our Parliamentary Candidate

We are pleased to announce that Michael Wang has been chosen as our candidate to stand for us at the next General Election Campaign.

The Autumn Statement by the Chancellor was a political statement and did nothing to address the problems of the country. The need for a General Election to rid ourselves of this corrrupt and incompetent government is now more urgent than ever.

A Reminder for Peter Kyle of what the Liberal Democrats are for.

Judging from his recent post on TikTok, Peter Kyle has a problem understanding how democracy works and what the purpose of the Liberal Democrats is. Well Peter we thought we would explain to you.

The Liberal Democrats stand for Democracy.

They believe in Proportional Representation because it gives everyone the chance to have a say in how we are represented, not just the chosen few as happens under First Pass the Post. In a democratic vote your party voted for Proportional Representation but your leader chose not to listen to the democratic voice and instead chooses to continue with a system that suits him and not the people.

Democracy means letting everyone have the chance to participate in elections, whether as a candidate, a helper, or as an elector. It does not mean excluding them because you find their involvement inconvenient or damaging to your election prospects.

We believe that it is wrong to go to war for an unjust cause based on flawed information, something one of your former leaders chose to do. His disastrous Iraq venture caused immense suffering was based on flawed intelligence and continues to cause misery and suffering in that country for absolutely no benefit to the British people whatsoever. Our involvement has not given the people of Iraq the democracy they wanted, which was one of the excuses for the venture.