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(For a report on the march click here)

'The European Movement' and 'UK Rejoin the EU' have apologised to the most out and proud pro-European party, the Liberal Democrats, for organising a second National Rejoin March during our conference in Bournemouth!  However, not all of us will be going to that and a day in London marching to rejoin the EU will be well spent.  As Mark Pack says in his invitation to renew membership, "We're only able to work, day in, day out, … to stand up for our pro-Europeanism, thanks to the support of members like you."

Please reply to this email if you would like to dust off your EU beret and march with fellow Lib Dems from Hyde Park to Parliament Square.  We would aim for the 10.42 am train from platform 3 at Brighton station, arriving into Victoria at 11.40 am.  I'll be in the second carriage from the front.  From Victoria, it's a short walk to Hyde Park.  Turn left out of the station, right onto Buckingham Palace Road and first left into Grosvenor Gardens.  It's more or less straight up from there for about 20 minutes.

We are asked to gather at Hyde Park OFF THE ROAD behind the Statue of Achilles from 12 Noon on Saturday 23rd September.  Meeting Point on Google Maps:  CLICK HERE

The closest Tube Station is Hyde Park Corner , CLICK HERE to find it on Google Maps.

Stay there until near 1pm when the marshals will create the route to where the start of the march will form.  Please meet and stay behind the statue in the park on the grassed areas.  Do not hang around on the pavements or roads near the area.  For safety reasons, please do not leave Hyde Park to go to the start of the march until the marshals create the route to the start point!  Thank you.

Once we're all ready to go and the MET Police give us the nod, the march will begin from the start point at approx. 1pm.

Lib Dem logo bird projected on blockwork
Lib Dem logo bird projected on blockwork

Let's Re-Connect with Europe

Brexit is costing the UK Economy £100 Billion a Year in Lost Growth.

A report from Bloomberg shows that the UK is currently suffering £100 billion a year in lost growth with the pro-Brexit voting areas suffering the worst. What has happened to all that world beating growth that Johnson, the Tories and the pro-Brexiteers promised? Or do we have to wait for 50 years as Rees-Mogg forecast for the promised benefits to show through? The disaster that was Brexit carries on delivering. We need to re-connect with the EU in a meaningful way not through vague promises of world beating trade deals.

What has Brexit delivered?

  • A £6 billion increase in our food bills.
  • A 4% reduction in our trade with Europe.
  • A trade deal with Australia that favours the Australians and costs our farmers.
  • Worker shortages throughout the NHS, Social Services, the Service sector and farming.
  • Rotting fruit and vegetables in our farmers' fields.
  • Queues to get across the channel and in airports both here and in Europe.
  • More red tape.
  • The list goes on

The Tories voted for it, Labour sat on their hands and did nothing to stop it.

Brexiteers promised everything but have delivered nothing! It's time we called them to account and worked to re-connect with the people of Europe

Our Europe Blog

Our comments on news items that capture our attention.

02/01/2023 - In to-day's Guardian John Harris writes about the claim by Farage that Britain is broken. He identifies, and we think correctly, that one of the prime architects to have contributed to the breaking of Britain was Farage himself with his Brexit campaign. No matter what Farage claims he can never divorce himself from the fact that he has spent years damaging the image of Britain in the UK itself and on the world stage

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