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Brighton Palace Pier
Brighton Palace Pier

Local Politics

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Council Chamber Monitor


The goings on in and of our City Council

City Hall Politics from a Liberal Democrat perspective.

  • With the proposal to introduce cabinet government to the city we ask how will the checks and balances be introduced and will they be enough to ensure good decision making?
  • How will the people of the city have a say in the management of their city once their councillors are deprived of their voice as valuable committees disappear?
  • Why has consultation not taken place properly? Were you asked about the proposal? There are lots of claims but no evidence that councils are better for introducing cabinet government.
  • A Freedom of Information request has disclosed the cost of changing to a Cabinet form of administration for the City is expected to cost £80,000 and that is without any cabinet councillor allowance increases. As government cutbacks dig deeper into local authority finances all this Labour administration can do is seek further ways to waste more council tax payers' money.
  • Despite overwhelming opposition to the Valley Gardens extension the council insists on going ahead with the £6.5 million project. One more example of how little Labour listens to the voice of those who live and work in the City.

Pothole in the city causing you a problem? Contact the council and tell them about it

City Council Hall

Democracy is for the birds claim Labour as they seek Cabinet Authoritarianism.

With their intention to impose cabinet government on the city and deny the local voters a proper say in the decision Labour finally admit that they don't care what the electorate think or want.

Like their leader's decision to deny the people the right to proportional representation as was voted for by his party, Bella Sankey and her cronies reject democratic principles and seek to embrace cronyism and open the doors to corruption.

Liberal Democrats believe that open government and decision making processes result in the best decisions and give the people the best chance to regain trust in their local politics and local politicians.

Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats and You.

Come and enjoy yourself and meet other people with a passion for life and those around them.

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Monthly Coffee Mornings

Come and meet us. We get together each month for a coffee morning; Just choose which constituency you would like to get to know and turn up and treat yourself to a coffee or tea and a chat. For details for each constituency, Hove, Kemptown, or Pavilion go to our Events page for more details on the coffee morning you would like to attend.

The Bath Arms in the Lanes

Inn Politics

Our last meeting was on Wednesday, 24th April 2024 at The Bath Arms, 3 - 4 Meeting House Lane, Brighton, BN1 1HB, it started at 7:00 pm for the early birds and went on until late for the night birds.

There will be no meeting in May as with the Brighton Festival in full swing we do not want to crowd out their efforts by increasing the competition. Look out for details of our June event which will be published as details become available.

Hove Place

Politics & Prosecco

Join us in the fizzy discovery of matching food and wine with politics and socialising.

We find out just how good our local restaurants are at enticing our taste buds whilst we explore through discourse the latest gossip meandering through local politics, with the odd diversion into the world of Westminster.

Our next event is on 12 June at Hove Place, 37 First Avenue, Hove, BN3 2FH, starting at 7.00 pm. As places are limited booking is essential. For more information and how to book go to our events page.

Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats and the National Stage

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Our Parliamentary Candidates for the next General Election

Brighton Kemptown

Stewart Stone

Brighton Pavilion

Ashley Ridley


Michael Wang

To find out more about the policies our parliamentary candidates support click Here.

08/05/2024 - Right Wing Tory MP defects to Labour

Did we hear correctly? One of the most right wing Tory MPs, Natalie Elphicke, has just defected to the Labour Party. Does that mean that Labour are now the go to Party for dissatisfied Tory MPs? Or, that the Labour Party are moving so far to the right that is becoming difficult to tell the difference between the Tories and Labour? Yet more evidence on why the country so desperately needs the Liberal Democrats.

01/05/2024 - The Continuing Horror of IPP Prison Sentences

An article in today's Guardian again highlights the total failure of the Tory government to end Indefinite Imprisonement for Public Protection (IPP) sentences. The ECHR ruled back in September 2012 that these sentences were arbitary and therefore unlawful, in other words inhumane and should end immediately. In December 2012 the government passed legislation that withdrew that power from the courts but it did nothing for those already sentenced. The original legislation was introduced by Labour in 2003 by the then Home Secretary, David Blunkett, and first used in 2005. 90 prisoners serving IPP sentences have committed suicide and it carries a risk two and half times higher than other sentences for suicide according to the Prison Reform Trust.

28/04/2024 - Tories lose another MP

Dan Poulter, MP for Southern Suffolk and North Ipswich, has resigned from the Tory Party and crossed the floor to join the Labour Party. It is a now almost a weekly occurrence for another Tory MP to leave the ranks of sitting Tory MPs. The Tories are rotting from the inside and no longer deserve to be in government. They should call a general election and let the country start to rebuild after their disastrous reign. The latest defection results from their continued attempts to damage the NHS, a Liberal Party innovation.

27/04/2024 - The Scandal of Carer's Allowance

The Chair of the Works and Pensions Committee has called out the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) for the growing crisis affecting those unpaid carers who receive an allowance for caring for relatives in need. This is just another failure of the Tory government to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable in our society. 

25/04/2024 - NHS waiting time for the city now at a median of 20.7 weeks

According to the Financial Times, Brighton & Hove shows up with the worst median waiting time for NHS appointments with a wait of 20.7 weeks compared to the next longest of 18.8 weeks in Bury. This is further evidence of how the Tory Party has let down the people. Every day they show they cannot be trusted with looking after the health of the people of the City of Brighton & Hove.

Conference News

  • The Autumn 2024 Conference will be held in Brighton from 14 - 17 September 2024. Details are expected to be available from May 2024.

  • The Spring 2024 Conference has just been held in York from 15 - 17 March 2024. Details can be obtained here.

  • Autumn 2023 Conference took place in Bournemouth from 23 - 26 September 2023. Details of the conference can be obtained from here.

Ed Davey at York Conference

Spring 2024 Conference, York Barbican 15 - 17 March 2024

To find out what went on at conference click here

To see what happened in conference go to YouTube click here.

To see and hear Ed Davey's speech to conference click here.

Post-Office and Horizon

Setting the record straight

With the attacks by the Tories on Ed Davey we thought you might like to know what really happened and not what the Tories imagined happened.

Click on the Link to find out.

Liberal Democrats sweep to Victory in Somerton & Frome with an 11,008 majority.

The voters completely rejected Tory policies and government by electing Sarah Dyke as their new MP. Sarah polled 21,187 votes against the Tories 10,179, their worst result in the history of the seat. In the General Election in 2019 Tories polled 36,230 votes so this represents a loss of 26,051 votes for them. A disastrous result and a measure of just how much disatisfaction there is with the current Tory Party and its disastrous government. For Sarah though, it represents a huge personal triumph as she becomes the 15th MP sitting for the Lib Dems in this parliament. Huge congratulations to Sarah, our newest MP.

Ed, Sarah and Wera
Ed, Sarah and Wera

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