The Liberal Democrats and Business have a long and important relationship of working together for businesses and the people. Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats are part of that relationship and seek to build it wherever we can.

If you have issues that you think that we can help with then contact our Membership Development Officer (MDO) to discuss them.

Our MDO has extensive experience in the business voluntary support sector and is always looking at ways to connect the Business Sector and Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats.

B & H Lib Dems Small Business Unit.

As costs rise for small businesses many are now struggling to survive. Tell us your experiences and what you are doing to enable your business to cope with the likes of higher energy costs etc. Email us.

Small Business Blogg

05/10/2022 - An article in today's Financial Times warns of the pressures that rising interest rates are putting on the small business community where borrowing has increased to £204 billion from £167 billion in 2019 according to UKFinance. They quoted Kate Nicholls, head of lobby group UKHospitality, who said "the prospect of rising interest rates would leave many pubs, restaurants and hotels vulnerable as they had come out of the pandemic with higher borrowing than other parts of the economy."