Water company's failings

28 Feb 2024
Black Rock Station by Les Kenward

Southern Water don't just pollute our sea they also fail to maintain our heritage. A letter by Lib Dem member Caroline Ellis in the Argus highlights the failures of Southern Water to maintain one of the nation's most precious industrial era achievements. Volk's Railway is the world's oldest operating electric railway becoming fully operational in 1883. To read the article in the Argus click here.

Caroline's letter,

"Dear Sirs,

How disappointing it is to read in today’s Argus of the deterioration of Black Rock Station, part of Volk’s Railway.  So many visitors, and locals, enjoy a trip on Volk’s and will expect more than a rusty old building and railings at the end of their journey.  Let’s hope they don’t need the toilet as well or they’re going to have to cross their legs!

How did it happen that Southern Water has been allowed to maintain this station?  This is another instance of control being taken away from the people of the city into the hands of an incompetent organization.  I’m not surprised that there is a smell of sewage.  Some of this may be floating down from Saltdean, where the sea has been deemed unsafe for swimming after Southern Water released sewage into the sea at Peacehaven twice last week.

Liberal Democrats consider that many of the water companies, including Southern, are very badly managed. This example shows just how bad Southern Water are at maintaining the infrastructures they already have.  The maintenance of Black Rock Station should be returned to the Council as soon as possible.

Caroline Ellis