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Brighton Palace Pier
Brighton Palace Pier

Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats and the National Stage

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Spectacular Result for Liberal Democrats in the General Election.

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Liberal Democrats secure 72 MPs. Its highest number ever.


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We are back to being the third largest Party in Westminster.

Given the disorganised and split nature of the Tory Party we are now the country's major custodian of holding the new Labour Government to account.

Follow us as we publish more details about our presence and our spokespersons in the new parliament.

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Our Parliamentary Candidates who stood in the General Election.

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Our thanks to Ashley, Michael and Stewart for their sterling work in representing us at the Hustings and the manner in which they have conducted themselves throughout the campaign. They are a magnificent example of Liberal Democrat values working for the people and their local communities.

And a Special thanks to Simon, our Agent, who worked so hard on behalf of all our candidates in both national and local elections.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those volunteers who worked so hard in the city and who additionally then volunteered to support the efforts of the Liberal Democrat branches in Eastbourne and Lewes and elsewhere.

Stewart Stone

Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven

Our candidate for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven was Stewart Stone.

To find out more about Stewart and what he stands for click here.

Ashley Ridley

Brighton Pavilion

Our candidate for Brighton Pavilion was Ashley Ridley.

To find out more about Ashley and what he stands for click here.

Michael Wang


Our candidate for Hove was Michael Wang.

To find out more about Michael and what he stands for click here,

To find out more about the policies our parliamentary candidates support click Here.

The "Tacitus" blog.

Personal views from Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats on political stories hitting the news headlines

To read more from'Tacitus' go to our blogs page.

6 June 2024

Trust in our Politicians

As we enter the battle between politicians trying to get elected to parliament it is worth considering just who it is that is asking for our vote? What do they represent and are they prepared to stand by it? The Guardian newspaper has just published an article based on a book 'Politics on the Edge' by former MP and Government Minister Rory Stewart in which those very questions are posed as he illustrates the reality of the existence of someone representing us in the House of Commons.

These questions are important as they hold the clue to just how our elected representative will behave once elected and whether they will stand by the promises made to those who elected them. Of course we all recognise that promises made depend on whether they are on behalf of the Party or the individual representing them. We also, hopefully, recognise that delivery must be within the capacity of the person who makes the promise. The bedrock of these promises is trust that they will be delivered. Otherwise what should we believe in?

The Party Manifestos are the basis of the promises made to the electorate and those who stand for a Party are expected to conform to and support those promises. But, there is also a compact between the individual and their electorate that they will understand the needs of the local electorate and will strive to deliver on those needs. The election following is when the voter gets the opportunity to deliver their verdict on just how well the representative has performed. No, or poor, delivery means broken promises and damaged trust.

Within the Liberal Democrats we understand the consequences of that breakdown only too well as evidenced by the damage the 2015 election wrought on us. That damage was as a result of failure to deliver at a national level not at a local level. Locally Liberal Democrats have a well deserved reputation for delivery on their promises. This has earned them the trust that politicians need if they are to perform and try to deliver. With the General Election now in full swing is the time to ask yourself, Can I Trust this person to do their best for me and do they understand my needs?" Will they give me a Fair Deal and try their best for me? From the Liberal Democrats. the Party with local candidates, the answer is 'Yes, you can trust us and Yes we will do our best for you', we will give you a Fair Deal.

To see the Fair Deal we offer read our Manifesto.


Local Politics

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At the By-Election called in Brunswick & Adelaide Ward Liberal Democrat Claire Lachlan increased her share of the vote.

Claire managed to raise her profile and that of the Liberal Democrats by achieving an increase in her share of the vote as the Greens took the ward.

Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats congratulate Claire on a well run and fought campaign as she contributed to the rise of the Liberal Democrat vote in the country. Claire had previously stood in the May 2023 elections as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the ward and has continued to show her committment to the people of Brunswick & Adelaide by standing as our candidate again. To find out more about Claire please visit the Brunswick & Adelaide Ward page.

Claire Lachlan
Claire Lachlan

Council Chamber Monitor


The goings on in and of our City Council

City Hall Politics from a Liberal Democrat perspective.

  • With the proposal to introduce cabinet government to the city we ask how will the checks and balances be introduced and will they be enough to ensure good decision making?
  • How will the people of the city have a say in the management of their city once their councillors are deprived of their voice as valuable committees disappear?
  • Why has consultation not taken place properly? Were you asked about the proposal? There are lots of claims but no evidence that councils are better for introducing cabinet government.
  • A Freedom of Information request has disclosed the cost of changing to a Cabinet form of administration for the City is expected to cost £80,000 and that is without any cabinet councillor allowance increases. As government cutbacks dig deeper into local authority finances all this Labour administration can do is seek further ways to waste more council tax payers' money.
  • Despite overwhelming opposition to the Valley Gardens extension the council insists on going ahead with the £6.5 million project. One more example of how little Labour listens to the voice of those who live and work in the City.

Pothole in the city causing you a problem? Contact the council and tell them about it

City Council Hall

Democracy is for the birds claim Labour as they seek Cabinet Authoritarianism.

With their intention to impose cabinet government on the city and deny the local voters a proper say in the decision Labour finally admit that they don't care what the electorate think or want.

Like their leader's decision to deny the people the right to proportional representation as was voted for by his party, Bella Sankey and her cronies reject democratic principles and seek to embrace cronyism and open the doors to corruption.

Liberal Democrats believe that open government and decision making processes result in the best decisions and give the people the best chance to regain trust in their local politics and local politicians.

Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats and You.

Come and enjoy yourself and meet other people with a passion for life and those around them.

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Monthly Coffee Mornings

Come and meet us. We get together each month for a coffee morning; Just choose which constituency you would like to get to know and turn up and treat yourself to a coffee or tea and a chat. For details for each constituency, Hove, Kemptown and Peacehaven or Pavilion go to our Events page for more details on the coffee morning you would like to attend.

The Bath Arms in the Lanes

Inn Politics

Our last meeting was on Wednesday, 24th April 2024 at The Bath Arms, 3 - 4 Meeting House Lane, Brighton, BN1 1HB, it started at 7:00 pm for the early birds and went on until late for the night birds.

There will be no meeting in May as with the Brighton Festival in full swing we do not want to crowd out their efforts by increasing the competition. Look out for details of our June event which will be published as details become available.

Hove Place

Politics & Prosecco

Join us in the fizzy discovery of matching food and wine with politics and socialising.

We find out just how good our local restaurants are at enticing our taste buds whilst we explore through discourse the latest gossip meandering through local politics, with the odd diversion into the world of Westminster.

Our next event is on 12 June at Hove Place, 37 First Avenue, Hove, BN3 2FH, starting at 7.00 pm. As places are limited booking is essential. For more information and how to book go to our events page.

Join us for Autumn Conference

In the City of Brighton & Hove

From 14 - 17 September 2024

At the Brighton Centre

Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2GR.

For further details go to the conference page. Click Here.

Brighton Centre
Brighton Centre

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The Liberal Democrats may use the information you provide, including your political opinions, to further our objectives and share it with our elected representatives. Any data we gather will be used in accordance with our privacy policy: You can exercise your rights and withdraw your consent to future communications by contacting us: or: DPO, Lib Dems, 1 Vincent Square, SW1P 2PN.

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